2019 Frequent Business Traveler Labor Day Gift Guide

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Maui Jim Ebb & Flow polarized sunglasses

While it may feel like summer outside, Labor Day is just around the corner. There’s still time to bask in the sun, enjoy a bike ride or hike, and cool off in the pool, but fall will soon be upon us.
Whether you’re planning a big end-of-summer escape or a quick weekend trip, you’ll want to be prepared.
Here are our top picks for everything from sandals to digital travel watches to coffee …

Restaurant Review: Intersect by Lexus, New York City, A Shrine to Automotive Gastronomy

by Accura News

Dining in a temple devoted to the automobile is usually devoted to just that, the car, with the food as somewhat of an afterthought.  The experience of sitting down to a meal at, for example, the BMW Welt’s Bavarie or Bertha’s Restaurant at the Mercedes-Benz Museum, has always been a satisfying experience, but the car is clearly the star.
BMW was the first, spending €500 million ($562 million) to develop the …

Let’s Motor: Mini Turns 60

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John Cooper Works GP Electric Concept

It was a fixture in spy films of the 1960s and 1970s, including the classic 1969 film “The Italian Job,” starring Michael Caine. It was featured in what was one of the most memorable scenes in the film “The Bourne Identity,” released in 2002, where Matt Damon playing the amnesiac assassin Jason Bourne drives a battered one through Paris to evade the police and CIA.
It, of course, is the classic …

How to Take Better Travel Photos

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Today’s smartphones come with excellent digital cameras yet many travelers lament the poor photos they end up with after a trip. The truth is, it isn’t the camera as much as the photographer behind it, but that can easily be corrected.
Here are four essential photographic techniques and tips that will ultimately surprise and delight you with the results.
1.)       Rule of Thirds.  The simplest way to explain the Rule of Thirds …

Theater Review: ‘Bat Out of Hell’ at New York City Center

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IMG_6450 3

“Bat Out of Hell,” the dystopia-meets-avant-garde musical that was a smash hit in the West End and is based on the bestselling 1977 Meatloaf album of the same name, arrived in New York’s City Center theater..
Originally conceived by composer Jim Steinman as a Wagnerian rock opera based loosely on J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan,” it took four decades to reach the stage, making it to New York via Manchester, London, and …

To Brexit, or Not to Brexit, That is the Question

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The chatter around Brexit over the past few days is less about whether the European Union and the United Kingdom can reach a new withdrawal agreement, given that the two sides can’t even agree on conditions for starting new negotiations, and more about whether the United Kingdom will crash out of the bloc on October 31 or Parliament can step in to prevent this from taking place.
As London’s mayor, Sadiq …

Restaurant Review: Hickory’s Famous Wood Pit BBQ, Port Washington, N.Y

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When I think of barbecue, I think of my drives through the state of North Carolina, the spiritual home of American barbecue and its mouthwatering ‘cue.  
As people in the South are wont to say, barbecue is a noun, not a verb.  It isn’t grilling and one doesn’t barbecue something.  One eats barbecue.  
In the Carolinas, a small restaurant serving barbecue is a barbecue joint.  It’s not fancy – no …