What’s Doing in Savannah, Georgia

By Accura News on 19 November 2019
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Savannah, Georgia, is the oldest city in the Peach state, and has a rich and important history.  Visitors can experience the tales of Savannah from many angles, from its time as the erstwhile capital of the state, to its role as a strategic port city during the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars,.

One can explore Savannah concentrating on architectural and city planning perspectives. Thanks to its well-preserved homes and ongoing campaigns to restore historic buildings, many places remain in their pristine glory and are open to tours.

The city was laid out around four open squares by General James Oglethorpe, who founded the settlement. Each square is surrounded by four residential blocks and four civic blocks, collectively known as a ward. The four original squares, Johnson, Wright, Ellis, and Telfair, grew to be 24 by 1851. Most are named after a significant figure from the city’s history. Today, there are 22 squares in the city: three were demolished in the twentieth century but Ellis Square was restored to its former glory in 2010.


Savannah also happens to be one of the most haunted cities in the United States, and while stepping inside some historic buildings will bring warmth and knowledge, other buildings may send chills down your backs. Walking down the cobblestone blocks in the historic district can have a spook of its own, but those who seek a more intense experience can take tours of the most haunted buildings or a trolley ride that highlights those spooky spots.

As with many cities in the coastal South, Savannah has a darker history rooted in slavery, a tough but important topic to face. A number of museums and historic sites can provide a lens into this past. 

Unlike the bigger cities in Georgia, Savannah is an especially good spot to explore on foot. Built around squares, you’re always within a stone’s throw from green space. When strolling around the city be sure to notice the trees with Spanish moss hanging from much of Savannah’s oaks, giving the city a slightly eerie atmosphere and adding to its unique and haunted history.

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